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Реферат: Все о России

Our school is very big. It’s a modern three storied building of typical design.
We do quite a lot of subjects at school. They are: Physics, Mathematics,
Biology, Literature, Russian, English, History of this country and many other subjects. It is rather difficult to go to school when a school- leaver, we have so much to do. I know that all the subjects are important and they all must be paid much attention to, but still I didn't like exact sciences. I spend much time on doing them at home. However hard I tried all those formulas and definitions were mixed up in my head and I couldn't make it out after all. So I had nothing to do but sit for two or three hours swotting Physics, Chemistry and Maths. My favourite subjects are
Literature, History, English. Most of all I like English. I read English books, try to translate some articles from the newspaper "Moscow News" from
English into Russian and vice versa. I have some English books and they are of great help to me when I study English grammar and do some exercises. At our English lesson we read quite a lot of dull texts from our textbooks.
But in my view, written texts and textbooks are not important. The best way to improve your language skills and habits is to work at a language laboratory. I spend plenty of time listening to the tapes, imitating the sounds and intonations of the native speakers of English. I am working hard at my pronunciation because my teacher said that it was my weak point. I decided to take my entrance exams to the Institute because I want to know
English. Nowadays it's impossible to do without forcing languages. Besides one can't be a learned and well-educated person if one doesn't know at least one foreign language.

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