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Топик: Список + все темы по английскому языку для сдачи выпускного экзамена в 11 классе 2001 года

Examination Topics Form 11.

My Motherland.

What can you tell your English-speaking partner about Russia as the biggest country in the world (it’s geographical position, its weather and climate, etc.)?
What makes you proud of your Motherland (classic and modern writers, scientists, politicians, etc. )?
Why does Russia attract tourists from all over the world? What would you show to your friends in your country?
What cities, lakes, rivers is Russia famous for? Talk your partner into visiting them.


Is Moscow really a political, cultural and scientific center of Russia?
Prove it.
What facts from the history of Moscow could be interesting to your friends from other countries?
Have you ever been to Moscow? What surprised you most of all?
What places (towers, streets, squares, churches, museums, concert halls, theatres, monuments, etc.) is Moscow famous for?
Which of them would you like to show to your friends coming to Moscow for a visit?

1. My School. My future career.
What would you like to do after school? Was it your own decision?
Who helped you to make your decision?
Have you tried a part-time or summer job to find out what interests you most of all? What professions are in demand now?
What are advantages and disadvantages of your future profession/job?
Which of your personal characteristics will help you to succeed in your career? Which qualities of your character would you like to develop? Why?
Those who chose their career correctly are really happy, aren't they? Did you have "born teachers" at school?
Why teaching as a career is so important? I interview your teacher of
2. Youth problems.
You've got a lot of really difficult problems to solve, haven't you? Share them with your partner.
What jobs, attitudes, looks, arts, books, outfits, hobbies are popular among the teenagers?
Would you like to get a good education? Why? Where?
Is it easy for a teenager to get a job and to earn some money? Have you ever tried to? Say a few words about your experience.
Do you always understand your parents? Do they understand you?
What are the reasons of misunderstanding?
Do you spend much time with your friends?
What do you usually talk about? How do you choose friends?
What do you value in yourself, in your friends?
3. Sport. Healthy living guide.
How does your health depend on your life style?
Is sport a hobby or part of your everyday life?
Why is it important to exercise every day?
What do you do to keep fit?
Would you like to be a professional sportsman? Talk about its advantages and disadvantages.
What famous sportsman do you know?
What questions would you ask him/her if you were a correspondent?
What sports are popular in your family?
Do your parents do sports regularly? Do you do it together? Is sport popular in Britain/America/Russia?
Which sports are especially popular in these countries?
4. Travelling.
Why is travelling so popular?
Do you (your family) travel? How often? Where and why?
Speak about the most interesting trip you have ever made.
Would you prefer to go abroad or to discover your own country? Explain why.

Why does Russia attract so many tourists from all over the world?
What would you show to your friends from other countries? Have you ever been to English-speaking countries? Anywhere abroad? Share your impressions.
5. Environment. Ecological problems.
Why are people so interested in environmental protection?
How does your health and your life depend on the environment? Give your reasons.
Who needs protection nowadays (people, animals, plants, oceans, etc.)?
Can you name any society fighting fog environmental protection? What do they do?
Would you like to join the society?
How do you protect the environment?
Does your school and your family, your town and your country do its best to solve this problem?
6. Outstanding personalities of Russia and English-speaking countries.
Who can be called a famous/great person?
What makes a person great?
What famous people of Russia would you tell your British/American friend about?
Why are you proud of them?
What famous Britons and Americans do you know? Are they known in your country?
What for? Talk about the famous politicians who helped nations to get closer in the 20th century.
7. Mass media.
Do you regularly read newspapers and magazines?
Which are your favourite ones?
Do all the members of your family read the same newspaper/magazine or don't they? Why?
How often do you watch TV?
Which are your favourite TV programs?
What is good and bad about the TV programs for youngsters?
What new youth programs would you suggest? Share your opinion.
8. Hobbies and past time.
Have you got much free time?
How do you spend it?
What kind of rest do you prefer very active (disco, travelling, doing sports, etc.) or less active (reading, watching TV. collecting, etc.)?
Are you anybody's fan?
Are your hobbies connected with your future profession?
What are they? Do you share your hobbies/activities with your friends?
Do you find understanding in your family?
What are typical British/American hobbies and sports?
Are they popular in Russia?
9. English-speaking countries.
What English-speaking countries do you know?
Do the people in these countries speak the "same English"?
Do they have similar traditions?
What do you know about the UK?
Why is the UK called an island state?
What is special about the political system of the UK?
What is important to know about the UK if you go there as a tourist
(cities, towns, monuments, historical places, etc.)?
What is the official name of the USA?
What city is the capital of the USA?
How many states does the USA have? Name some of them.
What places of interest in the United States would you like to visit? Why?
What is a true/typical American like?
Which famous Americans do you know? Speak about your favourite one.
10. London.
What parts does London divided into?
Why is the central square in London named Trafalgar square?
What is the West end famous for?
What is situated in the East end?
Why is the City called the business center of London?
What do you know about the British Museum and the National Gallery?
11. Books and libraries.
Have you got many books in your home library?
Who usually buys books in your family?
Are there different reading tastes in your family?
What do you think of poetry? Is a book the best present for you?
What kind of books do you enjoy reading? Explain why.
Who is your favourite Russian/British/ American writer?
Which of his/her books do you like best of all?
Say a few words about the writer and the book.
Why do some people prefer to watch TV adaptations of novels instead of reading books?
Do you think reading books will be popular in the 21st century? Share your opinion.
12. Holidays in Russia and English-speaking countries.
What would you tell your British/American friend about traditional Russian holidays?
Which international holidays do you know?
How are they celebrated in the English-speaking countries?
Are they celebrated in Russia in the same way?
What specific British/American holidays and traditions do you know?
What are traditional Russian/British/ American dishes offered on different holidays?
Why do people give presents to each other? How do they choose presents?
13. Arts and culture.
Do you often listen to music?
To what kind of music?
Does it make you happy?
Can you play any musical instrument?
Is a special musical training necessary to understand music?
Are you a fan of any pop or rock group?
What makes it your favourite?
Do you listen to music at home or at the concert/disco?
Do you think the theatre and the cinema are modem arts?
Why is video so popular nowadays?
Who is your favourite actor (composer/ musician/artist)?
What makes him/her special for you?
Which do you prefer ballet, opera, drama or comedy? Explain your choice.
Are you a member of any drama circle? Do you enjoy it? Why?
14. English literature.

15. Economic system of England and the USA.
What type of economic system exists in the USA (England)?
What is it characterized by?
What are traditional branches of industry in these countries?
Enumerate the biggest industrial centers of England, of the USA.
Is agriculture developed? In what regions?
16. Economic system of Russia.
What period is Russia going through at the present moment?
What measures are being undertaken to overcome economic crisis?
What factors are the main obstacles to reform?
Is it possible to make transition to capitalism by changing only economic structure of society?
What are the main branches of industry?
What does Russia traditionally export?
What are the richest areas of Russia?
When does the history of Russian industry go back to?
17. Political system of Russia.
What kind of political system is there in Russia?
What does the federal government consist of?
What are the responsibilities of the President?
What is the judicial branch represented by?
What is state symbol of Russia?
What is the origin of the national emblem?
18. Political system of the USA and England.

What are the three branches of the U.S. government?
What are their responsibilities?
What is the system of checks and balances?
What power does the President have under this system?
What are the major political parties of the USA?
What does the legislative branch consist of?
Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, isn’t it?
What is the name of the Queen of Great Britain?
Is her power limited by Parliament?
How many chambers does the British Parliament consist of? What are they?
What are the main political parties in Great Britain?
Which political party does he represent?

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