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Alfred Nobel — Топик
Alfred Nobel, the great Swedish inventor and industrialist, was a man on many contrasts.
But Nobel"s main concern was never with making money on scientific discoveries.
Swedish inventor and industrialist Alfred Bernhard Nobel, who set up a fund for them in his will.
Alfred Nobel established a fund to reward other innovators "contributing most materially to the benefit of mankind."
Alfred Nobel invented a new explosive (dynamite) to improve the peacetime industries of road building, but saw it used as a weapon of war to kill and injure his fellow men.
The main premium of Alfred Nobel.
Nobel himself was a very good chemist & excellent linguist His greatest wish, however ,was to see an end to wars, & thus peace between nations ,& he spend much time & money working ...
Sveriges Riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne) - премия, учрежденная Банком Швеции в память Альфреда Нобеля и вручаемая за достижения в экономических ...
(Alfred Nobel.Nobel prize).
English language for technical colleges — Учебное пособие
Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a famous Swedish chemist and inventor.
In 1867 Nobel achieved his goal: he produced what he called dynamite динамит.
История патофизиологии — Дипломная работа
Альфред Бернхард Нобель (Nobel, Alfred В., 1833-1896) - изобретатель динамита, был ярым пацифистом.
Enrico Fermi and his discovery — Курсовая работа
Nobel Prize & The Manhattan Project p 4
In 1938, Fermi won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "demonstrations of the existence of new radioactive elements produced by neutron irradiation, and for his related discovery of ...
Самый распространенный процесс разработан фирмой Dynamit Nobel AG (Германия).
Marie Curie /Франц./ — Доклад
Madame Marie Curie - Professeur a la Sorbonne - Prix Nobel de physique - Prix Nobel de Cheimie -et le titre:
Famous people — Топик
He fought courageously for human rights in the former USSR and in 1975 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Kapitsa was awarded a Nobel Prize for his great contribution to world science in 1978.
James Buchanan (Nobel Prize Award
Ronald Coase (Nobel Prize Award 1991) belong to the
Parable thinking in W. Faulner's novel "A fable" — Дипломная работа
More than simply a renowned Mississippi writer, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist and short story writer is acclaimed throughout the world as one of the twentieth century"s greatest ...
Written during the period of his greatest acclaim, the first major novel he produced after receiving the Nobel Prize in 1950, it appeared at a time when critics were undoubtedly ...
Интернет-архив нобелевских лауреатов (Nobel Prize Internet Archive) www.almazxom/nobel/nobel.htm!.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn — Сочинение
Solzhenitsyn (From Nobel lecture)
Solzhenitsyn received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970 "for the ethical force with which he has pursued the indispensable traditions of
Andrei Sakharov — Топик
In 1975 he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize.
Pyotr Kapitsa — Топик
Kapitsa was awarded a Nobel Prize for his great contribution to world science in 1978.
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