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From the point of view of physical chemistry, the most sensitive to replacement of 1Н+ on 2H+ can appear the apparatus of macromolecular biosyntesis and respiration system, those ...
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3. The respiration system.
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Analgesic adequacy and respiratory safety of the offered strategy were proved.
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It leads to depression of tissue respiration and accumulation of lactate.
Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that slows down body functions such as heart rate and respiration.
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The research is based on results of examination, treatment and rehabilitation of 230 children with foreign bodies in their respiratory tracts.
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In addition, deaths from illness and chronic and degenerative diseases, such as cancer, respiratory failure, and circulatory and cardiovascular diseases, have increased sharply.
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Benchmarking the in vitro activities of moxifloxacin and comparator agents against resent respiratory isolates from 377 medical centers throughout the United States.
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As the result we showed the decreasing of the respiratory infectious complications and decreasing of mortality among the patients with CTI with the lung contusion.
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Patients to which together with traditional therapy of severe acute respiratory syndrome conducted malopotochnou membrane ocsigenatsiyo of blood entered in a basic group.
The clinical efficacy of developed and implemented methods has been studied on the basis of analysis of the severity of postoperative period, endotoxicosis laboratory indexes ...
Centrally acting hormone and respiration.
The manager as a teacher: selected aspects of ... — Дипломная работа
It is impossible to give definite answer to these questions without the knowledge of the dynamics of external respiration system function and pulmonary blood circulation.
Metabolic, hormonal, prostaglandin and vegetative neural regulation in living organism is intended just for this purpose, i.e. to change to some extent the speeds of biochemical ...
Polluted urban air causes respiratory distress, particularly in children, and elderly people.
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