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For six months in 1938 he served as secretary to his father, then U.S. ambassador to Great Britain.
... improving the morale of government workers, bringing brilliant advisers to the White House, and beautifying Washington, D.C. His wife joined him as an advocate for U.S. culture.
The students get more information about U.S. culture.
The objectives of G-TM are non-utilitarian - confined to understanding of literature which gives keys to great classical culture.
Understanding cultural differences — Контрольная работа
While the U. S. is a nation of immigrants and there are ^any people in American business who are not of northern European heritage, for the purposes of our discussion of American ...
Despite its ethnic diversity, the U. S. has managed to absorb bits and pieces of many cultures and weave them into a unique culture that is strikingly consistent and distinct.
Advertising and popular culture — Курсовая работа
... implications for democracy is excluded from the range of legitimate debate" just as "capitalism is off-limits as a topic of legitimate debate in U.S. political culture".25
In Rosenberg and White's book Mass Culture, MacDonald argues that "Popular culture is a debased, trivial culture that voids both the deep realities (sex, death, failure, tragedy ...
English idioms — Доклад
After the war new mediums had established themselves in English-speaking society, there was a channel for the American way of life and the popular culture of the U.S. TV, movies ...
The reason for all these facts is that Britain is not the world power it used to be and it must be said that the U.S. has taken the role of the leading nation in the development of ...
N.Y.: Literary Classics of the U.S., Inc., 1983.
The Great Showman and the Making of U.S. Popular Culture.
U.S. Economy — Реферат
U.S. economy has been so successful and other reasons why, in the 21st century, it is possible that some other industrialized nations will surpass the U.S. standard of living.
But that situation has largely disappeared, and the quality of the U.S. labor force and the level of technological innovation in U.S. industry have become more important in ...
Climate change — Реферат
To this end, the U.S. government has actively participated in international research and assessment efforts (e.g., through the IPCC), in efforts to develop and implement a global ...
The principles of the U.S. development assistance strategy lie at the heart of U.S. bilateral mitigation projects.
History of U.S. foreign intelligence began during the Second World War.
Its structure consists of Command Security and Intelligence U.S. Army (joints and parts of the U.S. Army) at the theaters.
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... threatening to invade northern Iraq in order to suppress armed Turkish Kurd rebels seeking refuge there, will also cut off U.S. access to Turkish air bases and roads used to re- ...
There have been historical criticisms of U.S. warmaking capability; in the War of 1812, the U.S. was unable to conquer Canada despite several attempts and having superior resources ...
Broadly speaking, the quantity of U.S. dollars supplied to foreign exchange markets is composed of the dollars spent on imports, plus the amount of funds spent or invested by U.S ...
U.S., U.S. products become more attractive to British buyers, which causes the supply schedule of pounds to shift to the right (S[pic] to S[pic])
... north of the Ruhr under Montgomery's leadership, Eisenhower planned concentric attacks from the north by the British 21 Army Group and the U.S. Ninth Army and from the south by the ...
The Campaign of France and Germany, 1944-1945 (1986), asks similar questions about American combat performance and advances a provocative thesis, suggesting that the U.S. Army ...
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Модемы фирмы U.S. Robotics
77 (1789), now 28 U.S.C. Sec.
U.S.C. 190-195
Chapter 2 covers short-term debt instruments issued by some of the largest borrowers in the world-the U.S. Treasury and U.S. federal agencies.
1) general money market funds, which invest in wide variety of short-term debt products; (2) U.S. government short-term funds, which invest only in U.S. Treasury bills or U.S ...
Human resource Management — Реферат
Today"s managers operate in a world, where culture changes than any other period in human history.
The organization"s culture has a powerful impact on the worker"s or member"s morale and productivity.
для ТСУ (Модемы) — Реферат
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