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Holidays and tradition in Russia and English-speaking countries
In Britain traditions play more important part in the life of the people than in some other countries.
One cannot speak about England without speaking about it's traditions and customs .They are very important in the life of English people .Englishman are proud of their traditions ...
There are six public holidays a year in G.B. Christmas day is one of their favorite holidays .It's celebrated on the 25-th of December.
Ukraine has wide relations with English-speaking countries.
As we have wide and intensive relations with English-speaking countries English is one of the most popular foreign languages in Ukraine.
Holidays in Russia and English-speaking countries.
What specific British/American holidays and traditions do you know?
English speaking countries are situated in different parts of the world and differ in many ways.
Each country has its own history customs, traditions, and its own national holidays.
Customs and holidays in English - speaking countries
What can you say about their traditions?
I am going to tell you about English customs and traditions.
Englishmen have many traditional holidays, such as Christmas, St.Valentine's Day, Mother's day, Easter and others.
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English is now the dominant or official language in over 60 countries.
Here are some of them: to travel abroad; to get well-paid job, to have something to do in your spare time; to be better educated; to be familiar with social and cultural life in ...
It will help you to know more about the history and life of different nations and countries.One cannot speak about England without speaking about it's traditions and customs .They ...
Many families celebrate cristmas day in the open air near the cristmas tree in order to catch the spirit of cristmas.Children find cristmas presents in their stockings.The ...
3. There is a a lot of english-speaking countries in the world, for example:
I^ve studied English for about 2 years by now and I^m very glad to do this because I have always been interested in foreign countries, their culture and traditions.
It should come as no surprise that in a country so reputed for its gastronomical know-how that many traditions and customs in France center around food.
Good Friday - the Friday before Easter - is not a public holiday in France, so it's a day for business as usual in shops, museums and restaurants - though perhaps a bit less busy ...
In the stylistic tradition of the English-speaking countries only the first two (pun and zeugma) are widely discussed.
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English is the official, but not the only language used in the country.
But it is well known that reading books in the original, listening to BBC news and English speaking singers, visiting an English speaking country, communicating with the English ...
In Britian traditions play more importaint part in the life of the people than in some other countries. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. It has ...
Four times a year the offices and banks in Britain are closed on Monday. These public holidays are known as Bank Holidays.
Scotland — Реферат
Having studied makes English-speaking countries rather deeply we became interested in culture of not so large country but also very rich of its traditions is Scotland.
The discovery of influence of knowledge about customs and traditions of one of the countries on the formation of respect to other nations.
A new and growing facet of education in New Zealand is that it is gaining a reputation, especially in Asian countries, as a good place to learn English.
1. Spotlight on English-speaking countries N.Timanovskaya , изд. .Автограф, 1998.
English speaking countries — Реферат
In this province, where four-fifth of the population speak French as their first language and which maintains its own cultural identity, the question of political self ...
English traditions can classified into several groups: traditions concerning the Englishmen"s private life (child"s birth, wedding, marriage, wedding anniversary); which are ...
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There are many holidays and traditions in Russia.
It is a tradition to cook pancakes and eat them with fish, sour cream, caviar, honey, sugar, butter.
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