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THE NATO — Топик
The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), sometimes called North Atlantic Alliance, is an international organisation for defence collaboration established in 1949, in support ...
Nowadays NATO headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.
NATO's contribution.- http://www.nato.int/docu/review/1998/9804-07.htm
5. NATO's evolving partnerships.- http://www.nato.int/docu/review/2001/0103-01.htm
Recently there are also a lot of questions posed by NATO enlargement.
It is well known that now NATO also is very complex organization with hierarchical structures in many levels [7]. There are many informational problems as to the structure on NATO ...
Кризис НАТО — Курсовая работа
Aspin L. New NATO, New Europe // NATO Review.
16 NATO Press Communique M-1(94)3; Declaration of Heads of State and Government Participating in the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council held at NATO HQs.
Relationship between Ukraine and NATO was established in 1991, when Ukraine proclaimed sovereignty right after the fall of the USSR and joined the Council of Northenatlantic ...
... integration in Donetsk National University; Scientific Informational-Analytic Centre for NATO of Prycarpathsky National University of V. Stephanyc and such centers over the Ukraine ...
The EU and NATO
EU membership is inextricably tied to NATO membership.
Pхhja- Atlandi Lepingu Organisatsioon (NATO), kuhu kuulusid mitmed Euroopa riigid ning USA ja Kanada.
Saksamaa Liitvabariik smuti NATO liikmeks, ning Moskva juhtimisel loodi
Kulma soja kriisid — Доклад
1949.astal loodi PohjaAtlandi Lepingu Organisatsioon (NATO), kuhu kuulusid mitmed Euroopa riigid ning USA ja Kanada.
Arakelian D. The foreign policy of the Baltic states in the context of the EU and NATO"s enlargement. -Typescript.
Baltic States, security, "soft" security, European Union, NATO, European integration, Euro Atlantic integration, EU enlargement, NATO enlargement.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO; фр.
Устав Организации Североатлантического договора/ http://supol.narod.ru/archive/official_documents/nato.htm
Nacer - nacido - nato
... right now the U.K. and the US are at the head of all NATO"s military operations, like "The Shield of the desert", "The Storm in the desert", in 1991, "The Fox in the desert" in
NATO"s last campaign, the U.K. and the US destabilized an ethnic situation in Europe, because during the NATO"s bombardments tens and thousands of thousands of Albanian refugees ...
How will Russia respond? // http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/htimes/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=421:nato-expansion-further-east-how-will-russia-respond&catid=11 ...
7 Kozin V. NATO expansion further east:
NATO Office of information and press, [б. г.]
2. NATO's evolving partnerships. - http://www.nato. int/docu/review/2001/0103-01. htm
* The NATO*
NATO"s governing body - the North Atlantic Council which was established soon after the Treaty came into effect.
1996 г. (online) // http://www.nato.int/docu/other/ru/topics.pdf
Отношения России и ЕС в контексте расширения НАТО (online) // http://www.inion.ru/product/nato/nato6_3.htm
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Quarks and Leptons, NATO Advanced Study Series, Series B, Physics, Vol.
Quantum Flavordynamics, Quantum Chromodynamics and Unified Theories, NATO Advanced Study Series, Series B, Physics, Vol.
NATO-developed, NATO-controlled и т.д.
Сокращения довольно легко сочетаются с различными аффиксами, в частности с префиксами: non-NATO country, intra-CONUS permanent changes, para-MP type elements.
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