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Существуют специализированные периодические издания (например, Journal of Business Ethics) и большое количество монографий [6-9).
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Practical Business Ethics.
Business ethics and etiquette (обучение деловой этике и этикету)
Fanchising in Russia — Топик
- Cultural and psychological particularities of local business ethics made the idea of purchasing intellectual capital unattractive.
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Business Ethics, the online magazine of corporate responsibility.
URL: http://www.business-ethics.com/ (дата обращения:
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Psychology and ethics try to explain how objectives are formed; history records changes in human objectives; sociology interprets human behavior in social contexts.
4. The competitive system will determine business ethics.
Modern tourism — Реферат
... private sector partnerships and in encouraging the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, with a view to ensuring that member countries, tourist destinations and ...
Mark Twain's Satire — Дипломная работа
Twain's new friend Henry H. Rogers, Standard Oil magnate and by the lights of the muckraking age a robber baron, advised him that the ethics of literature were higher than those of ...
Primarily, this means all members of the board must abide by a code of ethics requiring, among other things, that they disclose all business affiliations that might create a ...
Business and society: corporate strategy, public policy, ethics.
Tell on his boss and suffer the wrath, or stay quiet and sacrifice his ethics.
Ethics and values have always been an important part of business, but they are now looked at more closely as there have been many instances where they were not adequately defined.
In general, for the last decade some serious changes have passed in the point of view of appreciating the personality: first - the transition from self-realization to the business ...
Malloy, D. C. "Understanding the Nature of Ethics, and Purposes of Business Health Care and Law".
"Ethics and Brand Value:
The inspiration for environmental ethics was the first Earth Day in 1970 when environmentalists started urging philosophers who were involved with environmental groups to do ...
In 1975 environmental ethics came to the attention of mainstream philosophy with the publication of Holmes Rolston, III`s paper, "Is There an Ecological Ethic?" in Ethics.
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