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Cabinet marked an important step in the formation of a modern constitutional monarchy in England.
After the decline of Roman power in Britain from the fifth century AD, the silver penny eventually emerged as the dominant coin circulating in England but no standardized system ...
The impetus to the development of the liberalism, whose homeland is in England and, partly, France, was given by the development of the Reformation as well, and therefore printing ...
For example, "The Glorious Revolution in England, in some people"s opinion, was a compromise between the rising middle class and the former large-scale feudal landowners" (Kарл ...
The third way of specialization is the formation of Proper names from common nouns, it is often used in toponimics, e.g. the City - the business part of London, Oxford - university ...
The language which they brought from England was the language spoken in England during the reign of Elizabeth the First.
About England — Реферат
England became a unified state in the year 927 and takes its name from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes who settled there during the 5th and 6th centuries.
The next few hundred years saw England as a major part of expanding and dwindling empires based in France, with the "Kings of England" using England as a source of troops to ...
York: a medieval city, built on Roman foundations and strongly influenced by the Vikings, it has, during more than 1900 years of recorded history, been a bright thread in the ...
The Lake District is an area of outstanding beauty, one of the loveliest regions in England, famous for its spectacular mountain scenery, wooded hill slopes and sparkling lakes.
Sport: general, in Britain — Реферат
It is a very interesting question, because many kinds of sport have taken the origin in England.
Football was played by the whole village teams in the middle ages in England.
Sports in Britain — Курсовая работа
Organized foot races for amateurs were held in England as early as 1825, while the first national championships were staged in 1866 by the Amateur Athletic Club, which became the ...
One of the earliest clubs was formed at Hambledon, Hampshire, in the 1760s, but modern cricket really began to develop in London with the formation of the Marylebone Cricket Club ...
Literature in New England — Дипломная работа
So Edward Johnson, not an educated man, but a farmer and a ship carpenter, who had been active in the founding of Woburn, in 1640, wrote his Wonder-Working Providence of Zion's ...
Between 1630 and 1690, there were as many university graduates in the northeastern section of the United States, known as New England, as in the mother country -- an astounding ...
In the south of England, the festival of Christmas, lasting 12 days from December 25th, runs on well into the New Year.
Holidays in England — Реферат
The first ever Christmas card was posted in England in the 1840s, and the practice soon became an established part of the build-up to Christmas.
In the early 17th century in England, people began to celebrate mother's Sunday (Mothering Sunday) in the fourth Sunday of Lent.
Speaking about royal dynasties in England we should take in mind the fact, that the first one appeared in the country with the Norman invasion in 1066.
Edward I and Edward II was beautifully described by Sir Richard Baker, in reference to Edward I in A Chronicle of the Kings of England "His great unfortunate was in his greatest ...
|There are no nigh mountains in England. |В Англии нет высоких гор.
Today England is one of the leading countries in the world.
England in the Middle Ages — Реферат
The History of the Middle Ages starts in England with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 which ended the period classified as the Dark Ages.
Under him the barons were in an awkward position because most of them held land in Normandy as well as in England.
Английский язык — Контрольная работа
It rains very often in England.
Which season is the best in England?
Parents are required by law to see that their children receive full-time education, at school or elsewhere, between the ages of 5 and 16 in England, Scotland and Wales 4 and
A large proportion of young people - about a third in England and Wales and almost half in Scotland - continue in education at a more Alevel beyond the age of 18.
This ancient circle of stones stands in South-west England.
Continent even the poorest person puts on his best suit, tries to look respectable, and at the same time the life of the country becomes gay and cheerful; in England even the ...
Religion in Britain — Реферат
In England only 12 per cent of the adult population are members of a church.
The Catholic Church in England is composed of four main strands: immigrants from Ireland; working-class people in deprived areas among whom Catholic effort was concentrated in the ...
Great Britain, the largest island in Europe, contains England, Scotland and Wales.
Football was played by the whole village teams in the middle ages in England.
Parents are required by law to see that their children receive full-time education, at school or elsewhere, between the ages of 5 and 16 in England, Scotland and Wales and 4 and 16 ...
A recent development in education administration in England and Wales in the School Standards and Framework Act (SSFA) passed in July 1998.
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