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На нашу думку, найповнішою є класифікація вправ для читання, подана у книзі "Developing reading skills", яку і вважаємо доцільним привести у цій роботі.
Study skills: summarizing
Listening to a cassette does not provide us with such a chance, and therefore, it is more challenging and requires more developed skills to understand a recorded message.
Developing Reading skills.
For developing reading skills pupils need
For developing speaking skills pupils need
c)Develop reading skills
During the project students practise in main language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.
3.1 Developing Reading and Listening Skills
Teaching English Grammar — Курсовая работа
to develop pupils' skills in recognizing grammar forms while auding and reading English texts;
The reproductive grammar skills give pupils an opportunity to make up their own sentences in oral and written forms in other words to communicate and the receptive grammar skills ...
to develop skills, for instance, reading, driving etc.
It embraces a lot of activities - from lessons arranged to change the child"s reading skills to vocational retraining of workers.
Communication The Exchange of Information — Дипломная работа
While exploring these topics and developing some level of expertise about American elections, students improve their listening and note-taking skills, reading proficiency, accuracy ...
The English Teacher Designing Lessons and Units In developing a class, interlock lessons and units to build and develop skills and to maintain skills and knowledge.
Education System In Honduras — Реферат
into the society and developing their communication skills, though much attention is also given to the basics of reading, counting, etc.
During these years children mostly improve their reading, writing and counting skills.
They give opportunities to develop good work habits and writing compositions gives us opportunities to develop speaking, reading and writing skills.
Infant schools are informal and children are encouraged to read, write and make use of numbers and develop the creative abilities.
The History of English — Топик
And, last but not least, they must develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and learn how to react in a variety of situations.
And now a few steps away from the skill of writing towards the skill of healing wounds.
Methods of teaching speech — Курсовая работа
This is possible on condition that he will take into consideration the following three main factors which can ensure success in developing pupils' skills in auding:
The simpler the narrative progresses, the better it is for developing pupils' skills in auding.
Books and Reading — Топик
Reading is probably the most important skill you will need for success in your studies.
Like other skills your ability to read English rapidly and accurately will depend upon a careful instruction and purposeful practice.
Business communication — Топик
Without those important skills no success may be reached, and people gain these skills and improve them during their whole life.
The skill of persuasion is also one of the basic communication skills.
People in business spend more time obtaining information than transmitting it, so to do their jobs effectively, they need good listening and reading skills.
English in business — Учебное пособие
-the importance of implementing strategies for developing the language skills
... SMEs) there is not enough awareness of the importance of languages other than English and of the importance of implementing strategies for developing their employees' language ...
Art of conversation — Реферат
Developing good conversation skills will allow you to feel more at ease when conversing with others and will help you say what you really want to convey.
This will help you to develop good conversation skills.
Teaching speaking through discussion — Курсовая работа
In addition to this, essay writing is a part of a sequence designed to develop specific discourse skills.
Nowadays more attention is paid to speaking and listening, developing writing skills seem to be a deprived area.
Thus for teacher training education we need reliable observation instruments based on scientific grounds that develop observation skills gradually and improve them with practice.
... the Teaching Practicum that are targeted to acquaint trainees with all the facets of the complex teaching/learning process gradually, to practice and develop trainees" observation ...
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